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SNT Dynamics opens the future of the nation with its R&D center.

R&D Center

SNT Dynamics R&D Center
Challenge, Innovation, and the World of Technology

SNT Dynamics stands firmly at the center of the precision industry which opens the door to the new world of technology.

The R&D center of SNT Dynamics has been the leading elements for the development of Korean precision industry since its foundation in 1982. We now have top class researchers with expertise in defense products, power trains for commercial auto-mobiles, and machine tools to build up our technical capability.

Especially, we have been active in building up future technologies in terms of by conversance of accumulated tchnologies in defense industry and commercial auto-mobiles. Also, we develop new technologies in corporation with the global technical development networks by strategic alliance with global leaders and domestic/intranational research institutes to develop high value-added products.

We will continue our endeavors to develop advanced technology products that can give trust and satisfaction to our customers based on the world level technical capability of our R&D division.

R&D Activities

Market-friendly R&D with Maximized Engineering Efficiency
  • 01 3D Designs

    Leading the Innovation in R&D by Aesthetic Values and Quality Performance

  • 02 Analysis

    Optimized Design and Analysis Method for Product Quality Enhancement and Customer Satisfaction

  • 03 Simulation

    Maximization of Operational Efficiency and Economy of the System by Digital Simulations

  • 04 Tests

    Safety of the Products Guaranteed in a Series of Tests and Verifications Life-like Test Environment