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SNT Dynamics opens the future of the nation with its R&D center.

Test Equipment

Powerpack Test Equipment

Test equipment for operational characteristics of the power pack (Transmission + Engine + Radiator) of tanks and armored vehicles under ambient temperature of 43℃.

Transmission Reliability Test Equipment

Test Equipment for Reliability and Performance Under Field Operation for 350~2,000 hp Grade Hydraulic Automatic Transmission

Power Delivery Element Test Equipment

Test Equipment for Performance and Reliability for Power Delivery Elements, Such as the Torque Converter, Steering and Transmission / Brake Clutch etc.

Environmental Test Equipment

Test Equipment for the Performance of the Automatic Transmission under Low Temperature (- 60℃,) or 70% Inclination

Clutch Pack Test Equipment

  • Equipment
    Test Equipment for Static and Dynamic Friction Characteristics of a Hydraulic Automatic Transmission
    Possible to Assess the Operational Performance of a Retarder, The Speed Reduction Device for an Auto-mobile
  • Test Item
    Test of the Performance / Reliability of the Clutch Pack of the Automatic Transmission, Brake Pack and Retarder
  • Measurement : Speed, Torque, Pressure and Flow Rate