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ESG Management
SNT Dynamics makes the life of mankind more affluent.

Ethical Management

SNT Dynamics is doing its best to be a company that makes the world a better place through its business.

Code of Ethics

All employees of SNT Dynamics abide by the Code of Ethics and practice the principles of 'Field Management', 'Transparent Management' and 'Honor Management '. With this, we contribute to the progress of the country and the society as a respected, ethical company by the market and the customer.

Rule 01.Transparent and Fair Conduct of Business
  • Fair treatment of the customers. Transparent and Clear Practice of Business
  • Denial of Unfair, Illicit Requests that Undermine The Transparency and Fairness of Business Conduct
  • No Unfair or Corrupt Demands or Receiving Kick-backs Taking Advantage of the Position in The Company
Rule 02.Transparent and Fair Relationship with Parties of Interest
  • No Violation of Laws by Accepting Things of Monetary Values, Borrowing Money, Giving Orders for Corrupt Purposes, Unethical Benefits or Favoring in Return of Payback
  • No Acceptance of Unethical Benefits through Family Occasions
  • No Acceptance of Gifts or Entertainment
Rule 03.No use of Corporate Assets for Personal Gains
  • No Using Inside Information for Unethical Economic Gains
  • No Personal Use of Company Assets
  • No Side Jobs or by Jobs for Economic Gains
  • Rational and Efficient Expenditure of Budges
Rule 04.Protection of Company Information
  • No Disclosure of Trade Secretes or Proprietary Information of the Company
  • No Dissemination of False or Groundless Information, Defamation or Distortion of the Truth