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ESG Management
SNT Dynamics makes the life of mankind more affluent.

Quality Management

Product Safety Quality Policy

SNT Dynamics set the following basic quality policy and objectives to realize a continual growth and development to be a blue chip company by designing / establishing the quality management system per the requirements of ISO 9001 / KDS 0050-9000 / ISO/TS 16949 / AS/EN 9100 and designing, developing, producing and supplying the products giving the best customer satisfaction throughout a continual improvement.

To provide the global market with benefits through the customer satisfaction by supplying high-quality products with the goal of "Zero-defects" and safe products and to make a continual improvement for the environment protection and safe and cheerful working environment.

For the purpose above, SNT Dynamics has established a reasonable and effective quality management system to implement the basic quality policy and achieve the quality goal. The personnel affecting the system shall build mutual organic cooperate system by performing the responsibility and authority, and enhance product safety and quality awareness. To realize this, a head of quality division shall be appointed as a quality management representative. He/she shall monitor the implementation of the quality management system, review and evaluate the performance and report the result to me.

I, as a CEO of SNT Dynamics, shall guarantee the availability of resources to make a continual improvement for the reported performance and things to be improved. More I shall assure that the safe products meeting customer requirements and best service are provided and shall realize the management policy.

We do our best for the customer service and make a preventive maintenance action to minimize customer loss.

It is assured that all of the employees understand/keep in mind this quality policy and follow the rules. They must be able to cope with changes of the market quickly, the demands of the customers, and continually improve the quality management system.

Product Safety Principles
Produce Flawless and Safe Products that Customers can Rely On
Quality Principles
Supply Highly-satisfying Products on Time and with The Best Delivery Service

Brief History of SNTD's Global Quality Management System

March 21.2021
CEO, SNT Dynamics Park Jae Seok

Quality Policy for Calibration & Testing

Quality Policy

The quality policy of SNT Dynamics calibration and testing institute is to provide the calibration and testing quality that satisfies customer’s requirements and providing best services. We expect utmost in improving the level of service for calibration and testing, also performs preventive measures thoroughly to minimize customer’s loss.

Quality Goal

The goal of calibration and testing quality system is to develop the calibration and testing quality system that focus on the prevention of defects and reduction of wastes.
To achieve the quality goal for calibration and testing quality system,
  • We establish a calibration and testing quality system based on the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and performs internal audit and management review to evaluate suitability and effectiveness for calibration and testing quality system.
  • All employees in the calibration and testing institute should understand the relevant quality document and comply the instructions and procedures in operation.
  • CEO and president of SNT Dynamics comply the ISO/IEC 17025 international standard.

March 21.2021
SNT Dynamics Head of Calibration Testing Agency